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elastix was initially developed by Marius Staring and Stefan Klein, under contract to the Image Sciences Institute, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands. Their PhD projects were supervised by Josien Pluim, who received funding from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

Currently, the software is maintained by Marius and Stefan, and still further developed. Several other people have contributed though. The following (probably incomplete) list, in no specific order, acknowledges these contributions:

  • Martijn van der Bom - Has added 2D-3D registration capabilities to elastix 4.5.
  • Coert Metz (link) - Has extended elastix to support 4d image registration and has contributed several new classes. He also set up this wiki and the SVN source code repository.
  • Hoen-oh Shin - Provides us with MAC-OSX binaries. For version 4.4, Marius de Groot has provided the MacOSX binaries.
  • Keelin Murphy (link) - An active user, who helped in proofreading the manual and performed experiments for the article on elastix that has been published in IEEE TMI.
  • Rashindra Manniesing (link) - Wrote a library to read/write the MevisLab dicom/tiff image format. Releases of elastix, starting from version 4.2, are compiled with support for this format. The library can be downloaded from the Insight journal.
  • Gerard van Hoorn link - System administrator at the Image Sciences Institute, who helped in setting up the website.
  • Many other people from the Image Sciences Institute (link), Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam (link), and Leiden University Medical Center, Division of Image Processing (link), who use the software, report bugs, etc.
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