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This parameter file database entry contains "default" parameter files. These are intended for starting elastix users, and should give reasonable results in many applications. The elastix example (version 4.3 or higher), which can be downloaded from the website contains the same parameter files, together with a test pair of images and an example script that calls elastix.

Needless to say, it is virtually impossible to come up with default parameter values that give satisfactory results for every application. The parameter files provided here should rather be considered as a starting point.

Registration settings

elastix version: 4.3 and higher.

Parameter files:

Example command line call:

elastix -f fixed.mhd -m moving.mhd -p parameters_Rigid.txt -p parameters_BSpline.txt -out outputdir

NB: the parameter files are designed to work well both for 2D and 3D image registration. However, for 3D image registration you should first make the following change in each parameter file:

  (FixedImageDimension 2)   -> (FixedImageDimension 3)
  (MovingImageDimension 2)  -> (MovingImageDimension 3)

NB2: the files are saved in DOS text format. In order to use them on a Linux-based system, use the dos2unix tool to convert them to unix text format.

Other comments

See the elastix manual (link) for an extensive introduction to elastix and explanation of many parameters. If you have any questions, please subscribe to the elastix mailing list and post your question there. We (the authors of elastix) are happy to answer any questions. Please do read the FAQ though ;)

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