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Image data

  • 3D chest CT
  • Lung
  • 16 scans (10 dir-lab, 6 extended popi-model)
  • Voxel size mostly 0.97x0.97x2.5 mm for dir-lab patients // 1x1x2 for extended popi-model.
  • Dimension: on average about 256 x 256 x 100 for 5 first dir-lab patients // 512 x 512 x 128 for 5 last dir-lab patient // 512 x 512 x 165 for extended popi-model

Patient Download:


my masks are available here:


Thoracic registration between End-Inhale // End-Exhale with sliding motion.

Registration settings

elastix version: svn (probably 4.6)

Parameter File

Command line calls:

elastix -f 50.mhd -m 00.mhd -p params.txt -labels mm_50.mhd -fMask patient_mask_50.mhd -out outDir

Published in

V. Delmon, S. Rit, R. Pinho, and D. Sarrut, "Direction dependent B-splines decomposition for the registration of sliding objects", Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Pulmonary Image Analysis, Toronto, Canada, pp. 45–55, 09/2011. [1]

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